Eagle Plant – Refurbishment at Pontypool Branch!

Pontypool Respray Job Complete

Eagle Plant – Refurbishment at Pontypool Branch!

We recently had a new concrete drive put in here at our Pontypool depot.

This was a long overdue job to replace the previous tarmac entrance that had over the years deteriorated and was peppered with pot holes.

As you do in these circumstances, we chose a contractor that has been a client of ours for over 25 years to complete the job.

While they were here, they were enquiring about our on site re-spray shop as they saw us working on a refurbished dumper.

We didn’t think much about this until recently, when they asked if we would be prepared to refurbish their roll on/roll off skip.

After inspecting and measuring to ensure we could fit it into our spray shop we took on the job.

The picture shows what a fantastic job our Fitter/Sprayer Ian Bowen has done and our client is so happy with the job, they intend on bringing in more of their skips when they can free them up.

For more information on re-spraying, shot blasting or paint refurbishment work please contact Michael and the team who will be happy to help.

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