Taunton Branch Help Out Local Project

Taunton BMX Bike Community Project

Eagle Plant Taunton recently helped with a community scheme to build a BMX track in Wellington, Somerset.

Eagle Plant supplied the machines to complete the works, led by Mike Holcombe (Eagle Plant, Retired), assisted by others including Mike Cakebread (Taunton Depot – not retired!).

A thank you from local councillor Andrew Govier was received – well done all those who helped with this project!

Dear Tom, I hope that you are well. I am writing to thank you and Eagle Plant Hire for supporting the community project to refurbish the BMX ramps in Wellington. The ramps were a well-used facility a number of years ago but had fallen into disrepair. The project was the idea of a group of young people from the Wellington area and had the full support of Somerset West and Taunton District Council. The support of your firm was vital to its success, as it required a large amount of earth to be moved and this would not have been possible without the machinery that was loaned to them. The ramps will fit very nicely with our campaign to increase positive activities for young people in the town. I am sure that the ramps will be used by hundreds of young people during the upcoming school holidays.

Thank you once again for your support, it is an excellent example of a local business supporting the community that it serves.

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