Mini Excavator 0.8 tonne

Mini Excavator 0.8 Tonne

Mini Excavator – 0.8 Tonne

Mini Excavator – 0.8 Tonne from Eagle Plant are part of our versatile range of Excavators we offer for hire. The “Mini Digger” is a great choice where space is at a premium or access is an issue.

Narrow enough to drive through a gate or doorway and capable of digging to a depth of 1.8 metres, these machines are strong, reliable and cost effective every time. Attachments for mini diggers mean that auger drilling and hydraulic breaking can be done also. Contact your local branch for more details.

Product Specifications

  • 0.85 tonne excavator
  • Max dump height – 2145 mm approx
  • Max dig depth – 1680 mm approx
  • Approx dimensions – (L x W x H) 2950 mm x 700 mm x 2300 mm

Safety Requirements

These are guidelines only. Additional PPE may be required. Please refer to your Risk Assessment for further information.