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Telehandler - 4 & 5 Metre

Narrow machines making them perfectly suited to high productivity in confined areas or industrial sites with limited access.

Telehandler - 7 & 9 Metre

7 & 9 metre telehandlers have instant steering selection between all wheel steer, front wheel steer and crab steer modes which ensures ease of operation, whilst a tight turn radius of 3.7m...

Telehandler - 10 & 12 Metre

10 & 12 metre telehandlers have a chassis incorporating stabiliser legs and 3 stage boom. These machines meet the needs of the modern house builder who needs a stabilised machine, which is...

Telehandler - 14 & 17 Metre

14 & 17 metre telehandlers have exceptional performance, giving precise handling to full height. Rugged and reliable design and an excellent operator environment, these high lift machines...

Truss Handler

Truss handlers attach to a telehandler to allow safe transport and handling on site of roof trusses

Fork Mounted Lifting Hook

Designed for the movement of suspended loads up to 1000kg, the fork mounted device fits onto the pallet forks and locks in place.


Carriage Mounted Lifting Hook

As with the fork mounted device, used for moving suspended loads on site. The unit fits directly onto the fork carriage and can lift up to 3000kg.

Sweeper Brush

Available to fit most makes of telehandler, the road sweeper attachment is designed to help maintain site roadways and buildings free from debris.

Tipping Skips

Developed to fit on the forks of a telehandler, these tipping skips allow safe collection and transport of waste to whatever area of the site has a requirement . Tipping ability allows for...

Re-handling Bucket

In conjunction with a telehandler the re-handling bucket gives the ability to transfer, lift and dump aggregates, spoil and other loose product on site, safely and efficiently

Fork Extensions

Fork extensions can be hired through our depots to allow a telehandler to lift and handle wider loads...