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Cordless Power Nailer

A range of machines for repetitive and reliable pinning or nailing applications.

Also ideal for confined spaces or heavy foot traffic areas as they do not require compressors or electrical...

Cartridge Fixing Gun

These completely portable, self contained machines fix specially designed nails in to steel or concrete by the use of powder actuated cartridges.

They are highly powerful, low velocity...

Cordless Drills

From drill/drivers to high performance 36v machines for heavier applications like drilling in to concrete. Drill/drivers have percussion and reverse action for screw removal. Ideal when...

Autofeed Screwdriver

These machines reduce the time and effort spent when repetitive screw driving is required. Simply insert the screw strip and the machine automatically reloads the next
screw as required.

Dry Wall Screwdriver

A fast and versatile electric screwdriver for fixing plaster board and sheet materials quickly and easily.

Electric Stapler

These tools are perfect for fixing hardboard, sheet materials, polythene, fabric and other materials where repetitive and sustained stapling is required.

Battery or electrically operated...