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Manual Tile Cutter

Manual tile cutters are ideal for smaller projects as they require no power supply and can be used anywhere. Capable of cutting floor and wall tiles they produce a clean, accurate finish

Carpet Stretcher

Carpet stretchers are used to help in fitting carpets by placing it on the floor and Knocking with your knee to stretch the carpets to the edge strip for fastening

Tyrolean Applicator

Hand operated roughcast applicator for textured wall coatings. Large comfortable handle and adjustable tension / flicker bar for texture control

Electric Tile Saw

A compact, professional machine for cutting floor and wall tiles accurately. These machines have a built in water dust suppression system for cleaner working particularly when indoors

Hot Air Paint Stripper

When simply sanding down woodwork or paint will not be effective then hot air stripper may provide a solution. Able to remove many layers in a single pass, these tools can save hours of scraping...

Gas Torch

Torches are used for many jobs from plumbing work to stubble burning and are available in various styles from pistol shaped single headed burners to trident style triple headed burners for use in...

Secret Nailer

A manually operated nailer which can place repeated nails at an angle in to the side of a board so as to be invisible once the next board is pushed up flush with it

Wallpaper Stripper

A simple and inexpensive way to remove wallpaper. By holding the steam plate against the wall and then scraping away the steamed paper you can quickly and professionally reveal the wall beneath.