Steel Prop

Steel Props

Steel Prop

The steel prop or Acrow prop has been, and still is widely used on building sites as a substantial, effective, temporary support for walls and ceilings, lintels and beams while remedial work is completed.

Adjustable to fit almost any situation and complying with strict safety standards.

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Product Specifications

Sizes    Closed      Open

  • No.0 – 1050mm – 1760mm
  • No.1 – 1720mm – 3110mm
  • No.2 – 1980mm – 3340mm
  • No.3 – 2580mm – 3950mm
  • No.4 – 3190mm – 4870mm
  • No.5 – 3650mm – 6090mm

Safety Requirements

These are guidelines only. Additional PPE may be required. Please refer to your Risk Assessment for further information.