Nifty Lift Cherry Picker

Nifty Lift Side View Image

Nifty Lift Cherry Picker

The Nifty Lift Cherry Picker is a fantastic product that will give you maximum reach performance from the smallest footprint possible. With a telescopic upper boom the Nifty Lift gives you an excellent working outreach, especially at lower levels where it is often needed the most!

With Telescopic axles and a compact base the Nifty Lift is easy to manage and use. Eagle Plant offer the Nifty 120T model from our Camelford, Launceston, Okehampton and Tiverton branches.

Product Specifications

  • Working Height – 12.2m (40ft)
  • Working Outreach – 6.1m (20ft)
  • Platform Height – 10.2m (33ft 6in)
  • Machine Width – 1.5m (4ft 11in)
  • Machine Height – 1.9m (6ft 3in)
  • Machine Length – 4.5m (14ft 9in)
  • Working Width – 3.55m (11ft 8in)
  • Minimum Weight – 1400kg (3100lbs)
  • Safe Working Load – 200kg (440lbs)
  • Cage Width – 1.1m (3ft 7in)
  • Cage Depth – 0.65m (2ft 2in)
  • Outrigger Type – Hydraulic

Safety Requirements

These are guidelines only. Additional PPE may be required. Please refer to your Risk Assessment for further information.